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Diversity & Inclusion

Our students are a part of a community of collaborative learning that replicates and honors our diverse world and prepares them for success and leadership in the global community. Diversity at Peoria Academy is one of our deepest strengths and resources and one of our most important challenges.

Imagine your classroom as a version of the United Nations. The families of Peoria Academy are comprised of nationalities around the world, brought to Central Illinois for a variety of reasons. Diversity touches all spheres of our community, from the personal to the professional and engages us intellectually, emotionally, and morally.

Our excellence as a school is tied to the intellectual depth that comes from engaging diversity in all of its human and intellectual complexity. By intertwining differing perspectives on topics, our students are challenged to expand their critical thinking skills which leads to a deeper exploration of events and more creative and effective problem solving. Excellence for our students is rooted in their understanding of a diverse world not to be defined as just race, religion, and ethnic origin. We intentionally cultivate the skills of engaging and navigating multiple points of view within a culturally responsive curriculum.

We are deeply committed to helping our students develop and celebrate their voices in our community and beyond. Peoria Academy is a welcoming environment for students from all ethnic, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.

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