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Independent Advantage

The Privilege of Independence

Independent governance is essential to giving our teachers the freedom to create a learning environment that inspires unbounded student thinking.

Peoria Academy is governed by an independent board of trustees composed of both parents and members of the Peoria community. We are not governed by a public school board or religious organization. As such, our teachers have the freedom to create an individualized educational experience that meets each child’s needs, without being weighed down by state and national mandates on curriculum, textbooks, and testing or by ideals imposed by a church hierarchy.

Our independent governance enables us to be more inclusive and to build a community of learners that replicates and honors our diverse world and prepares our students for leadership in the global community.

Our independent school is an intentional community made of students, parents and educators who have a sense of ownership and responsibility. Our community believes that a quality education is the single greatest gift we can give our children.  Together we create classrooms where a professed love of learning and high personal engagement are the norm.

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