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Vision, Mission, Philosophy


Preparing students to be caring, resilient and successful in an increasingly global tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Peoria Academy is a diverse community of students, parents, and educators working together to provide a rigorous educational experience. Using progressive techniques that nurture the whole child, our independent school fosters intrinsic motivation, resilience, and creativity.


We believe that a good school promotes academic excellence. Peoria Academy provides the challenge, support, and freedom for students to realize their talents and develop a love of lifelong learning. We believe that students thrive in a school where intellectual stimulation is high and where individual attention is given in a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment.

We believe that a strong core curriculum is essential for academic accomplishment. At the same time, we stress the development of each child’s natural creativity, and we encourage students to express their own ideas. Successful learning involves each child in an active process of discovery, invention, and problem solving.

We believe that a good school needs parental support. A school shares with parents the responsibility to teach children to embrace high moral standards. Parents are encouraged to be active participants in the life of the school.

We believe that in order to prepare students for a life in an ever more diverse society, a school should strive to attract students that reflect the diversity of that society. Within this context, a school should promote tolerance of, and an appreciation for, differences among people. Students should interact respectfully and constructively with others.

To support these beliefs, Peoria Academy:

  • assigns a high priority to nurturing and developing the individual
  • challenges students to realize their full potential
  • offers a safe and supportive environment
  • stimulates excitement about the process of learning
  • provides a strong curriculum enriched by projects, simulations, performances, and other creative activities
  • emphasizes hands-on, application-based learning
  • inspires self-respect through the pursuit and achievement of excellence
  • requires respect for, and consideration of, others
  • promotes opportunities for a child’s growth in responsibility

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