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Lower School (Kindergarten – 4th)

Peoria Academy’s Elementary School students thrive in an atmosphere that is nurturing and challenging. Academic opportunities are stressed, as well as social/emotional needs. We know that children learn better when ideas are connected. Consequently, interdisciplinary or “ thematic learning” in which teachers apply one theme in reading, writing, math, art and social studies is integral to our program. Peoria Academy’s appropriately challenging curriculum is adaptable for each student’s individual needs. We differentiate our curriculum to our students by providing supplemental instruction as needed to assist with mastering concepts. We know that learning is enhanced when new ideas progress from the concrete to the conceptual, and that children learn by doing — so, many of our Lower School activities are hands-on. We believe students can learn from each other so we provide opportunities for collaborative learning in which students have partners or work in small groups. As a result, while learning to read and write and perform mathematical functions, students also learn to communicate and cooperate. They learn to ask questions, think critically, write effectively, listen carefully, and put all those pieces together.

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