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Middle School (5th – 8th)

The Middle School team supports PA’s philosophy by allowing students to meet our academic challenges and expectations through exploration and creativity.  The Middle School instructional team is passionate about the subjects that they teach.  The team works closely with students and families to create a strong sense of community within the middle school. Our teachers are mindful of the adolescent learner by

  • providing a student-centered educational program
  • empowering students to be responsible for their own learning
  • establishing an active classroom atmosphere
  • offering collaborative learning experiences
  • encouraging an appreciation for diversity
  • creating a safe environment that promotes self expression and participation
  • implementing flexible instructional strategies allowing for individualized learning
  • placing an emphasis on positive self concept
  • developing leadership skills
  • instilling a lifelong love for learning

Peoria Academy graduates excel in demanding post-elementary programs such as IMSA, Richwoods IB (International Baccalaureate), Peoria Notre Dame and Dunlap AP and honors courses.


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