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Peoria Academy is alive with art!

From pottery to printmaking, students are immersed in the world of fine arts beginning with our early childhood program. Each year students will study and practice nine different art mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpture, just to name a few! Along with learning all about these exciting mediums, PA’s art curriculum has a bit of history built in as well. At the beginning of each new unit, students will learn about a famous artist that correlates with that month’s medium.

As middle schoolers, students will also have art twice a week with a rotating curriculum. This set of curricula will span all four years of middle school, with mediums changing every year. Built into the middle school curriculum there is also an art history program in addition to a critique series.

As a part of Peoria Academy’s exceptional art program, the school puts on both an art show and an art fair. The art show displays artwork created by each and every student in the school and is exhibited. This year, however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will postpone the art show this school year.

As part of Peoria Academy’s mission, we strive to foster the intellectual growth of well-rounded children. The fine arts department is no exception! Our school emphasizes the importance of the arts and their significance in nurturing the whole child.

View student artwork, find art around Peoria, and enjoy storytime art on Ms. Gianessi’s art website!

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