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Peoria Academy Lunch Program

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February 2020 Lunch Menu

March 2020 Lunch Menu

We are excited to inform you that with the start of the new 2019-2020 academic year Childers’ Catering will be our vendor for school lunches!  Together we can offer a high-quality menu made with fresh ingredients fit for all our students.  The menu will reflect the diverse backgrounds of our students and include more vegetarian options.  “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is what we have envisioned for the lunch program at Peoria Academy.  In the new academic year, we would also like to contribute to a healthier planet.   Lunches will be served on reusable plates/trays with reusable silverware and glasses. 

Salad Bar

A salad bar option will be offered daily as an alternative to the hot lunch.  The salad bar will include romaine/iceberg salad mix, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheddar, baby carrots, garbanzo beans, buttermilk ranch or Italian dressing, a breadstick, fresh fruit, and milk or water.  The salad bar is offered at the same price as the hot lunch.

Special lunches and Vegetarian Options

Every Friday will be “Fun Friday” featuring your students’ favorite dishes like cheese pizza and mac & cheese.  Wednesdays will always feature a vegetarian dish.  When possible, the meat will be served separately so that more dishes are suitable for vegetarians.  The salad bar will be vegetarian and available daily.

Featured Foods of the Month

Each month we will feature a special food on the menu.  Featured foods of the month will be served multiple times throughout the month and will often be seasonal or reflect what students are growing in our Outdoor Education Center.  Students will be given the opportunity to sample new and surprising ingredients to challenge their taste buds and provide input on if they should be added to future menus.


Lunches will be offered in two different portion sizes.  A slightly smaller portion size for early childhood students up-to Kindergarten and the regular portion size for students in first grade and up.  The pre-ordered meal prices are $5.50 (3Y – Kindergarten) and $6.00 (first grade and up).  This price includes milk or water.  Lunches that were eaten but not pre-ordered by the set date will cost $9.50.  Lunch orders and unordered lunches that were eaten will be tallied at the end of each month and billed to your student’s account.   

Ordering Lunches

Lunches must be ordered online and can now be ordered just one week in advance!  Orders for the following week are due on the Thursday prior.   Any lunch eaten and not pre-orderd by Thursday the week before will be billed at the $9.50 unscheduled price.  Students who have forgotten their lunch from home will be given a hot lunch at the $9.50 unscheduled price. Lunch orders and unscheduled lunches that were eaten will be tallied at the end of each month and billed to your student’s account. 

 As always, students are welcome to bring a sack lunch from home but we hope that you will enjoy what the new lunch program has to offer!  For questions about lunches, please contact Jenny Harlow at

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