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Uniform Policy

Clothing  may  be  purchased  from  any  store  or  vendor,  so  long  as  the  clothing complies with the requirements listed below. With so many local schools opting to require uniforms, such items are now easily found at stores throughout the area.

Peoria Academy School Uniform Policy

General Requirements

1. Clothing will be appropriate for school: clothing must fit well, not be too short, too tight, or too revealing, etc.

2. Shirts will be buttoned and tucked in at all times. (Grades K – 8)

3. Students will wear belts when belt loops are present on the clothing. (Grades 2 –8)

4. Belts will be a solid color that compliments the uniform colors – black, brown, navy or khaki.

5. Sweaters and logo sweatshirts will be worn over uniform shirts.

6. Socks and tights will be solid colors (white/ivory/cream, black or navy blue) consistent with uniform colors.

7. Leggings may not be worn.

8. Conservative jewelry will be allowed.

9. Hair color must be a natural tone.


1. Students may wear navy blue or tan khaki chino-style UNIFORM pants, shorts, skirt, jumper or “skort.”

2. Pants/shorts may be flat-front or pleated.

3. Pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers will have no commercial logo.

4. Shorts, skirts or jumpers must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

5. Girls will wear navy blue or black bike shorts under skirts or jumpers. Bike shorts must not extend below the hem of the outer garment.

6. Jeans, capri pants and/or cargo pants are not acceptable, except on Uniform Free days.

7. Students may not wear shorts during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Skirts and jumpers may only be worn with tights during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.


1. All shirts will have a collar.

2. All shirts will have sleeves; no sleeveless shirts will be allowed.

3. Students may wear long-sleeved and/or short-sleeved polo shirts.

4. Students may wear long-sleeved and/or short-sleeved cloth shirts.

5. Shirts will be any of the following colors: white, light blue, navy blue.

6. Turtleneck shirts will be allowed in the colors stated above.

7. Shirts may/may not have a Peoria Academy logo.

8. Shirts may not have any other commercial logo.

9. Eighth grade students only: Eighth grade students will be allowed to wear a shirt of a differing color that will designate them as Eighth Graders. It is suggested that Seventh Grade students be allowed to select the shirt color for their class from a pre-determined list of colors. Students will make their selection in May.


1. Students may wear Peoria Academy fleece jackets/vests or Peoria Academy non-hooded sweatshirts over a collared uniform shirt inside the building during the school day. All items must have a Peoria Academy logo.

2. Fleece jackets/vests will be navy blue.

3. Sweaters (crew neck or cardigan) will be navy blue or white, with/without a PA logo.

4. Students will not wear any other jackets or coats inside the building during the school day.


1. Students will wear shoes and socks at all times.

2. Shoes will be such that students can run, climb and play safely during recess periods.

3. Shoes will have a closed heel and closed toe. Heels will be no more than one inch in height.

4. Students may wear white, gray, or black athletic shoes or brown or black shoes.Colored trim is allowed.

5. Crocs, flip-flops, “wheelies,”cleated shoes, etc. may NOT be worn.

6. Students may not wear boots indoors during the school day. This includes hiking boots, cowboy boots, fashion boots, snow boots, sweater boots, etc.

PE Uniform

PE uniforms will need to be purchased from Peoria Academy.  All 4th-8th grade students who have not yet purchased a PE uniform will be fitted for their shirt and pair of shorts on their first day of PE class. A charge of $15.00 will be added to their account to cover the cost.

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