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In an effort to make tutoring more comprehensive and tailored to your student’s needs and schedule, this year we have opened tutoring as an a la carte program. This new a la carte program will allow you to choose how much or how little tutoring to provide for your student. You can choose a specific day/time that you would like tutoring. We will work with you to find a qualified tutor who is available at that time. It is your choice to sign up for the entire tutoring semester, every other week, or here and there for extra practice or tests. Your account will be billed accordingly.

*Please note the following:

  • Tutoring will ONLY be offered in half-hour or hour-long increments. ¼ hour additions will not be available.
  • Scheduling will only be available on the PA website to ensure accurate billing.
  • Scheduling will be per semester. Choose an amount of time, day of the week, and amount of total tutoring sessions that suit your student’s needs.
  • Tutoring Sessions can be added at any time during the semester online, but CANNOT be removed.
  • Your child’s classroom teacher cannot serve as his/her tutor through this service. 
  • Tutoring WILL NOT be offered as part of AEP, but as a separate scholastic service.
  • The school year tutoring cost is $20/half hour and $40/hour

Please contact Julie Gianessi for our tutoring options:



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